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Our Property and Casualty Insurance specialists support clients of all sizes from small and medium growing industries to large corporations. We are certainly not everything to our clients as our approach is to deploy our expertise working with our clients to successfully:

  • Understand the risk exposures facing their business
  • Deploy risk control engineers to assess the risks facing their operations including the potential impact to third parties and make appropriate loss control recommendations
  • Present the risk profile positively and transparently to prospective insurance carriers
  • Evaluate their loss history to present transparent views and understanding by insurance carriers
  • Review the existing insurance covers and correct obvious deficiencies in current insurance program
  • Develop a practical and effective insurance program that protects their real and personal properties and legal liabilities to third parties including bodily injury or death
  • Ensure the competitiveness of cost of insurance amongst client’s industry peers
  • Agree with insurance carriers on optimal coverage wordings that should mitigate any incidence or occurrence that can affect our client’s business continuity
  • Agree on simple claims recovery procedure to ensure prompt and equitable recovery from insurers.

Our Unique Expertise

IBN remains the only insurance broking company with a dedicated and specialized team of risk control engineers, Industrial Risks Protection Consultants. We deploy our risk control engineers to:

  • Survey and evaluate critical risk exposures of our clients’ operations

  • Evaluate Maximum Possible loss on major locations and operations

  • Make appropriate loss control recommendations to the clients

  • Review the insurance and indemnity sections of their  major contracts to ensure compliance

  • Where appropriate, undertake supply chain processes and interdependency studies to evaluate potential business interruption risks exposures

  • Present the risk profile transparently to prospective insurance carriers to help our brokers achieve competitive premium rates

  • Evaluate losses that challenge the client’s operations and make appropriate recommendations

  • Conduct post-loss investigations to help our clients prepare their claims and develop future mitigation processes.

  • Agree on simple claims recovery procedure to ensure prompt and equitable recovery from insurers.

Why Do Clients Value IBN?

We certainly are not everything to all clients but we:

  • Dedicate our efforts to each client’s unique needs with our team of property insurance specialists who design innovative solutions to their operations.
  • Develop easy-to-use interactive insurance programs to enable clients manage their insurance programs and claims seamlessly
  • Act as extension of their corporate risk and insurance department
  • Deploy, when necessary, an IBN specialist broker as on-site client insurance managers to free
  • Deploy all our resources to ensure prompt resolution and recovery of claims

For further information, please contact:

Sunny Umukoro
Sunny UmukoroHead, Property & Casualty Specialist Practice
Phone: +234 805 309 8804
Soji Fabumni
Soji FabumniProperty & Casualty Specialist Practice
Phone: +234 807099 2844


IBN’s over 60 years’ experience in the Nigerian market and strong market leverage is unrivalled.