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IBN Specialty: Insurance Broking Services

Ours is a value-added industry specific risk and insurance broking services focused to meet each client’s insurance protection needs.

Our industry specialty focuses on Commerce and Industry, Energy (Oil & Gas), Power and Infrastructure, Construction, Communications, Marine, Aviation& Aerospace, Financial Services, Government and Statutory Corporations, Educational Services, Personal and Private Wealth Insurance.

Our Approach

We first make a business case on how we should work with you by developing a proper understanding and agreement of your business and risk management goals. Working with you we will;

  • Develop a proper risk profile and unique features of your business and operations.
  • Advise you on an effective insurance program that will protect your operations from risks.
  • Focus on total cost of risk rather than simple amount spent on insurance to ensure the cost of risk is as low as possible.
  • Structure the insurance program to create competition within the insurance market.
  • Use available local and international reinsurance facilities to maximize our leverage and secure best possible insurance program pricing.
  • Negotiate and implement basic claims procedures that will facilitate prompt and fair claims resolution and recovery.

IBN’s Client Sectors

IBN provides tailor-made insurance broking and advisory services best suited to each client’s need. These range from basic personal and private wealth insurance protection programs to strategic and heavy industries.  Our strength is our unparalleled local knowledge with global experience and commitment to deliver specialty services as your invaluable partner in providing seamless support to meeting your risk and insurance management objectives.