General Questions

Why do I need Insurance?

Insurance protection is necessary to protect one’s life, family, property, business etc. against the risk of unforeseeable fortuitous occurrences. Having the right cover in place means there's a recovery plan. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the Insurance Company.

Kindly fill the boxes below with your details and a team member will call or email to guide you through the process.

Insurance benefits are the reason for taking up insurance protection and they differ based on the type of policy. The essence of taking up an insurance policy is to gain access to its attached benefits

Each insurance policy provides different benefits that alleviate the financial burdens occurring from diverse types of risk exposures for example loss of or damage to property through theft, Fire, Flood, Personal Bodily Injury, Disability or Death, Third-Party Liabilities etc.

These benefits are in your policy document. However, for a be-spoke benefit policy that is specific to your need, please email or your account handler to guide you through the coverage details and offer further assistance.

An Insurance Broker is a specialist in providing Insurance Advisory, Procurement and Risk Management services. We act on behalf and in the interest of clients intending to procure insurance products.

The services of an Insurance Broker are Free-Of-Charge to all clients. Insurance Brokers are generally paid through commissions from the Insurance Companies who place the client’s business. It is possible to negotiate a fee.

Insurance Companies & Underwriters

The best way to select the most viable Company for placing insurance risks is to engage the services of an Insurance Broker who has comprehensive knowledge of all available insurance products, Insurance Companies, their areas of strengths and weaknesses in the market.

At IBN, we have a Rating and Security Committee that monitors the Financial Health and Strength of Solvency of each underwriter that we patronize, so please rest assured that your risk will be adequately protected without any exposure to your interest.

: By all means you can and we will work with you to ensure this happens. However, where we are convinced that a particular recommended insurer will expose you to undue financial danger through their financial weakness. We will bring this to your notice and proffer alternative insurers for your adequate protection.

Policy Document

Policy documents are issued annually at the inception of your policy. You can request an e-copy by contacting Please state your full name, class of insurance and policy number in the email.

Yes, you are allowed to amend the limits or any additional material information to your insurance contract before its duration lapses.

Due to the “No Premium, No Cover” mandate issued by our regulators, the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) IBN does not accept part payment for a full year period of insurance. However, IBN accepts premiums based on the fixed duration of coverage. It can be arranged for quarterly, semi-annual or even monthly periods (as the case may be).


Please contact your account handler or send an email with details of the incident to Kindly include your full name, class of insurance and policy number in the email. We will contact you in two working days to complete the process.

Yes. Certain Classes of insurance offer you an opportunity of a ‘No Claims Bonus’ e.g., Motor insurance and other do also grant special discount as compensation for ‘Loss Free’ Record. Please contact our for more details.

A few Nigerian Insurance Companies have branch offices outside the country and are licensed to practice in those countries. However, most insurance companies can only practice and underwrite policies for assets/risks domiciled within Nigeria. Please contact our for more information

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